Selling online or owning an e-commerce business is the new trend. The digital trend is slowly changing the way of doing business in Canada and across the globe. For you to maximize your revenue, you need to have an online shop or offer your customers an opportunity to buy your products virtually. However, having an e-commerce website does not guarantee you automatic sales. You must come up with ways and strategies of attracting customers to win them on your side.

You can achieve this goal by having an outstanding e-commerce template. A customer can know the kind of business you do before coming into contact with your products. As such, you must be mindful when choosing one.  But budgetary constraints are always a reality in business. To reduce your website costs, here are the top three free e-commerce templates:

Cornerstone theme

Do you love color? If so, cornerstone theme is your perfect match. Cornerstone is a leading template from BigCommerce. As you know, you cannot complete the list of best e-commerce platforms without mentioning BigCommerce. So, you are sure that even though Cornerstone is a free template, it will have a great impact on your online store.

The template is compatible with and responsive to different computing device screens. Also, it enables you to list multiple products.  The theme comes with three options Light, Bold, and Warm. You can also customize BigCommerce to fit your preferable colors and fonts.

Brooklyn theme

Video marketing is taking over the online content throne. You can win more customers by having an explainer video. It is for this reason that Shopify developed Brooklyn free e-commerce template for Canadian online sellers. The theme comes with an opportunity to upload a video. Also, it comes with automated layout design to give you modernized product listing. The theme features the slide-out cart feature. With it, the customers can shop without living their current page.

Fortune theme

If your main customer attraction approach is a visual display, Fortune is a good idea. This theme offers you a room for full image display. Also, it comes with a unique grid for easy navigation. With these two features, it is easier to attract customers. Another thing is that you have an opportunity to choose among the four styles which are: highlight, contrast, bright, and minimal.

And those are the free e-commerce website templates you can opt for as a Canadian.