With the right ecommerce website builder, you can achieve the success you’ve always wanted! Here are 3 best free online store builders for small businesses!


Website builders or online store makers are tools to build websites without the need for coding and programming. They usually provide hosting and a simple interface to build and design your website.

In order to discover the best free online store builder for 2018, we have compared 2 great platforms,

Choosing the right online store maker is an important step to creating an online store. Each platform has its own strengths and limitations, making them perfect for different websites. There are some key factors we have considered when comparing website builders: price, features, website performance, editor ease of use, and customer service.

  • The best website builder for small businesses is Weebly. If you want to build a professional business website but you have zero experience, this is definitely the perfect website maker for you. It is the easiest of all website builders on the market. It comes with a great selection of templates which you can customize with their simple editor, it supports more advanced features such as blogging, web forms, and etc. It can offer you 25 free templates and there are around 300 applications to expand your website with extra content and features.
  • The best website builder for boutiques and restaurants is Squarespace. This is a simple and easy-to-use website builder. The templates this website maker offers are minimal and support integrations with popular restaurant platforms such as OpenTable and ChowNow. There are more than 90 free templates and 100 official integrations. If you want a personal website, you will have to pay $12 per month and you will get more advanced ecommerce features.
  • The best website builder for creative websites is Wix. This tool features a simple drag-and-drop editor, however, there are no restrictions on where you can place elements. This is perfect for creative designers who have a specific vision and there is no need for coding and programming. All plans, including the free plan, come with 500 Wix templates and more than 200 free and premium applications. Wix has a phone and email support service.

Choosing the right free online store builder will save you money, effort and time on your online project. Getting the right choice from the start will simplify things and can help you get the job done in a matter of hours!